The Event

Welcome to the L.A. Migrahack This wiki is for the event. We'll be posting more information on the logistics soon, so please check back often. Everyone is free to use the wiki to prepare for the contest, contribute ideas, find teammates and so on. During the hackathon, we'll be using the wiki to post projects for the judging panel to evaluate and the general public to see.


1st Place Winning Team

Looking at immigration through permanent residency networks


Team: Alex Leavitt & Ashley Seto
Description: The project looks at the global connections underlying immigration in the US. We looked at open government data about legal permanent residents (those getting their green cards), and we mapped the countries of the recipients to each US state that awarded them. By looking at these connections, you can see how various immigrant communities are awarded resident status and how those communities vary in each state to map out the immigrant fabric underlying American culture more broadly. To illustrate the connections, we constructed an interactive network graph that shows state-country connections and paired this network with a global map.

2nd Place Winning Team

Three Ways To Measure Latinos' Health In Los Angeles County



This interactive map allows users to see which areas of Los Angeles County have the highest and lowest rates of diabetes and obesity among Latinos, as well as which areas have the highest and lowest life expectancies among Latinos.

The data comes from 2005 and 2007 surveys conducted by the County of Los Angeles Public Health Department and is publicly available on their site (http://dqs.hasten.ladhs.org/default.aspx). The data is organized by "health district" — regions created by the health department based on 2000 census tracts — and layered across a map of Los Angeles County.

Team members: Cesar Arredondo, Richard Busby, Chris Keller and Anna Almendrala

Reporter best insight Winning Team

Each year, the U.S. issues about 1 million green cards to immigrants from more than 200 nations. Click on a country to see how many of its citizens have been granted residency through family sponsorship and how long they waited for their legal documents.


Link: http://1000000immigrants.tk/

Team members:
Adelaide Chen
Sireen O'Mari
Matt Glass
Sandra Baltazar Martinez


Possible Causes of for Internal Migration of Undocumented People


Our concept was to measure the effect of changing immigrant laws per state compared to income differences between regions. We present three embeddable charts that demonstrate this impact over time that represent financial, census, and legal data over a Map of the United States. We ask that users of this data (provided by US Census, Pew Institute, and the Bureau of Economic Impact) draw their own conclusions from this data

Future plans:

Charts and data will be on their own site with full accreditation of sources.
Current charts will be combined into one chart for better understanding of data

Team members:
Carlos Hernandez
Rachel Estabrook
Scott Smith
Agustin Duran
Daniel Greenfeld


Introducing the how to guide for crossing the U.S.A border

URL: http://illegalimmigrationguide.com/

Team Members
Audrey Roy
Ruxandra Guidi
Monica Curca
Roberto Guerra


Dashboard to monitor, report, and predict human trafficking patterns.

Link to project files

Link to live site

Team Members
Designer / Frontend Developer - Juan Gallardo - em.odrallagj|j#em.odrallagj|j
Journalist / Researcher - Bertha Del Rivero - moc.liamg|orevirledb#moc.liamg|orevirledb
Journalist / Researcher - Daniel Morales - moc.aidemzipat|selaromleinad#moc.aidemzipat|selaromleinad
Journalist / Researcher - Maria Del Rosario Burgueo - moc.liamg|seugruboirasor#moc.liamg|seugruboirasor
Journalist / Researcher - Maria Luisa Arredondo - moc.ainrofilaconital|odnoderralm#moc.ainrofilaconital|odnoderralm


Hispanic grandparents living with their grandchildren in the biggest counties in CA.


Project Link on Fusion Tables:

Team Members:
German Sierra (moc.liamtekcor|arreis_namreg#moc.liamtekcor|arreis_namreg)
Edwin Tamara (gro.pa|aramate#gro.pa|aramate)
Dawn Page (moc.liamg|egapnwadrp#moc.liamg|egapnwadrp)
Gil Santana (moc.anatnaslig|lig#moc.anatnaslig|lig)


The Venue:
La Opinión
700 S. Flower St. Ste. 3100
Los Angeles, California 91007
Please, plan to arrive around 9:00am on Saturday for breakfast and registration


  • Saturday, December 8th, 2012

9:00am-10:00am Breakfast and Registration for the Workshops

10:00am-10:30am Opening Remarks

10:30am–12:15pm Census Database Training For Journalists: Resources, findings and methods related to Census 2010 and American Community Survey.

10:30am- 11:15am Column Five Infographics: Importance of data visualization, highlighting best practices and common errors in data visualization.

10:30am–11:15am Capture high quality video on your mobile phone.

11:20am–12:15pm Mapduh, learn how to take location content, photos and videos and organize them on a map!

11:20am–12:15 pm Data mining, find the story behind the numbers. Come and learn some advanced Excel functionality including pivot tables, formulas, and custom macros.

11:20am–12:15 pm Hands-on Twitter for journalists. New and helpful ways on how to use Twitter. Do’s and Dont’s in Tweeting.


1:00pm-2:00pm Citizen Journalism Forum:
* Start your own blog or website (Beginners)
* DataViz Fundatmetals: A practical guide to designing with Data and open software
* US Treamtv. Learn how to put the #1 live broadcast company to work for you and your newsroom.

2:00-5:00pm Google Data Boot Camp: Use Google Fusion tables, Google Map and G-Refine, among other free online tools and ultimately, craft narratives around your data, to find and tell the 'human story' behind the numbers.

5:00pm MIXER: The LA Hackathon on Immigration begins! Developers meet your LAmigrahack fellows and start your engines to fuel one project to hack together. Complete your work by 4:00pm Sunday the 9th and present it to the judges and other LAmigrahack teams.
Team Development: We will be forming the teams during the mixer as well as the topic to hack.

  • Sunday, December 9th, 2012

9:00-10:00am Breakfast. You can start working any time after 9:00 am

3:30pm Prepare for Presentations

4:00pm Project Demonstrations

5:00pm Judges Announce Winners.

5:30pm Dinner


1st Place Winning Team: $1,000.
2nd Place Winning Team: A total of $300 in Gift Cards.
Reporter best insight: Smartphone with 3 months of free service.

Prize Criteria

For Best Data Visualization Project Category:
Innovative/Informative: How innovative is the product you have developed. Impact of your discovery. Complexity of the analysis. Scope of your discovery
Design: We will look at the interactivity, easy updates and simple manipulation.
Interactivity: This would allow users to explore the data as they would like
Simple Manipulation: Project that allow users to manipulate and mash data.
The project has to have the ability to be embedded into any web page and it will open source

For Best Reporter Idea with Data and Best Insight Category:
• Impact of your discovery
• Complexity of the analysis
• Scope of your discovery


Beth Barrett, Investigative reporter and treasurer of the LA Press Club

Ronald Campbell, investigative reporter at The Orange County Register.

Hector Galvan, Regional Multicultural Marketing Manager at Sprint

Phuong Ly, Executive Director of Institute for Justice and Journalism

Pervez Sikora, Chief Technology Officer at ImpreMedia


Everyone is welcome to use any tools and methods: from basic functions in a spreadsheet to the latest machine learning algorithms.


Economic data, immigrants’ remittances, which you can download in bulk, excel format, and it covers 1970 -> 2010

Number of international migrants and refugees between 1960 and 2010 at the global, regional, and country levels.

Number of Foreign Born by State, Percent Foreign Born by State, Numeric Difference in the Foreign Born by State and Percent Change in the Foreign Born by State (1990, 2000, and 2010)

Data on Victims of Trafficking in Person and Victims of Crime


2011 Job Patterns for Minorities and Women in Private Industry (EEO-1)
Raw Datasets

Raw Data Immigration

Tables that provides data on foreign nationals who were granted lawful permanent residence, applied for asylum or refugee status, or were naturalized.

Noncitizens SSA Recipients, by eligibility category, December 1982–2011

Number of Service members by Gender, Race, Branch

Farmers Markets Geographic Data longitude and latitude, state, address, name, and zip code of Farmers Markets in the United States

SOI Tax Stats - Free Migration Data Downloads

Aliens Removed or Returned: Fiscal Years 1892 to 2011

Aliens Removed by Criminal Status and Region and Country of Nationality: Fiscal Years 2002 to 2011

Language Assistance Program June 2012, each person who files bankruptcy is required to attend a meeting of creditors and respond to questions under oath from the trustee and creditors if a participant (debtor or creditor) has limited English proficiency, an interpreter is provided free of charge via a conference phone

Enforcement & Compliance History Online (ECHO)
The ECHO Exporter provide a download for more than half a million regulated facilities in one zip file. There up to 85 data fields available for each facility, including the frequency of inspections, violations, actions, and penalties. The file includes Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and other data, such Toxics Release Inventory releases, industry codes, and permit types. Also included is the latitude/longitude information — which will allow users to integrate facility locations into maps, mobile apps, and third party websites.

Migration Policy Institute Data Hub
Provides accessible, up-to-date immigration statistics, maps, and numbers for the United States and other countries. Find where immigrants live in the United States; the amount of remittances sent to other countries; and the top global destinations for immigrants.

Campaign finance data is available for the last 33 years, going back to 1979. The files and their descriptions are available on FEC's website(Note, however, that the raw data is quite difficult to parse. See Influence Explorer, below, for the same data in more accessible formats.)
Influence Explorer contains a wide variety of influence-related datasets, including federal and state campaign finance, lobbying, federal spending, various enforcement datasets and more. Raw data can be searched and downloaded in Excel format from data.influenceexplorer.com or downloaded in bulk CSVs from
Census Bureau
Census Historical Files
Follow the Money.org National Institute on Money in State Politics
Bureau of Labor Statistics

Work on data done by others previously


Remittance flows


Almost 216 million people live outside their countries

Voting Rights: Election Counties Required to Provide Spanish

Project Ideas


  • Participation rates of low-income immigrants in publicly subsidized home energy efficiency programs.
  • Immigration & academic achievements.
  • Immigration and projection of voter demo.
  • Twitter ideas for emergency situations.
  • Immigration & health care.
  • Comparing immigrants and US born citizen figures on welfare.
  • Mapping the flow of undocumented immigration and overlay of hate groups to see if there is a correlation.
  • Hate crimes in South East Los Angeles.
  • Obesity and immigrants in Los Angeles.
  • Transportation among immigrants in LA.
  • Children of immigrants who benefited from the 1986 amnesty.
  • Border Patrol violence, especially in response to alleged rock-throwing.

Project Submission Guidelines

By midnight Saturday, Dec. 8th:

Please create a page for your project or team in "Projects & Teams" section of this page. Include the following information:
Your project or team name.
A brief description of what you are working on.
A list of people on the team.
What prize category you think your project fits in.
What you are starting with: existing codebase, libraries, etc.

By 3:00 pm Sunday, Dec. 9th:

Please add to your page the following information:
A brief summary of your work.
A step-by-step explanation of how you reached the result(s). Screenshots will be much appreciated.
Any links such as to a code repository, Google docs, etc.

Comments & Questions


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